Sun on your back
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Women's "Sun On Your Back" T-Shirt

Redefine Violence

"The Sun on Your Back."


The idiom: Сенің арқаңда күн көріп жүрмін

Literal translation: “I see the sun on your back.”

What it means: “Thank you for being you.”

It was said to those who would come help farmers in the fields, “I see the sun on your back” referred to farmers looking out into the distance and seeing someone who had come to help accomplish the work for the day.

This brand is meant to celebrate those of you who refuse to live as victims incapable of your own spiritual and physical defense. In a world full of the traditional meaning of violence, why not look to repurpose the word as a shield instead of accepting the inevitable.

We partnered with a brilliant artist from Brazil to bring you our interpretation of this saying. We put the sun on your back, we see you and want to say, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU.

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